Hygienist Education Requirements

By the term hygienist we commonly refer to dental hygienists who ensure that oral hygiene is maintained at all times, and perform tasks like removing plaque and tartar from patient’s teeth, conduct X-Rays and apply fluoride treatments when necessary. While not quite a dentist, the professional acumen and expertise in the area of dental hygiene, backed up by the necessary certificates and degrees in the field.

It is a competitive area of study and therefore a dental hygienist’s education must be comprehensive and geared towards proper professional knowledge and skill sets. Licenses and other concerns too become important matters in this field, and education should be oriented towards achieving these goals.

Hygienist Education Requirements:

  • The minimum educational requirements for a dental hygienist are a two year educational programs which will cover the basics of the subject of dental hygiene. This two year course can either be an associate degree course or it can be a certificate program.
  • State licensure has to be obtained after passing the educational coursework of two years. The individual must ensure that the course is approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.
  • In case of research or work in public health programs, one has to obtain more specialized degrees. A Master’s degree in the field of dental hygiene shall stand the person in good stead

Hygienist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The following degrees and certifications are required to gain standing as a hygienist of some repute. These are as follows:

  • Certification obtained from certification program in the field
  • Associate’s degree in dental hygiene
  • Master’s degree in dental hygiene

Hygienist Qualifications and Training:

A dental hygienist is required to have qualifications in the field including in areas like oral biology, community dental health, dental materials and legal responsibility in the field of dentistry. These are provided by the degree courses in the subject, and form part of training. Usually, advanced education in this field provides even more detail in the field, making possible the scope for more specific and narrow research in the subject.

Hygienist Colleges and Universities:

Hygienist Wages and Salaries:

The hygienist earns about 50,000 USD per annum. This is the average median income for such a person and will vary depending upon his talent, position, employment, opportunities and various other factors. Care should be taken to consider these factors while opting for a career in the field of dental hygiene.

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