Hydrologist Education and Job Requirements

Hydrologist Requirements

The hydrologist is concerned with the flow of water, and its quality on the surface, underground and the management of water resources for the purpose of irrigation, transport and also controlling flood situations. The hydrologist in several cases looks for assuring potable water and also speculation of natural disasters like droughts. He/she either works for a private company or a government agency, but the focus of works always remains on the assessment of the water resources and their efficient management. The reduction of water pollution is one of the chief priorities of the hydrologist. The points written below are indicators of the education and job requirements for this specialized post.

Education requirements:

  • Good high school grades with special focus on the subjects – Chemistry and Geology.
  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputed institute in the stream of geology/ecology/chemistry/environmental sciences with an obvious stress on the modules of hydrology.
  • A master’s degree with good grades from a god institute in chemistry/environmental sciences/ecology with specialization in hydrology is highly sought.
  • Certified training in the field-related software packages is preferred.

Job requirements:

  • A minimum experience of 2 years in the field.
  • Having sound knowledge of assessing the probable environmental impacts after a deep study of a hydrological assignment.
  • Should be able to undertake field works and must possess very good communication skills in order to coordinate with the hydrological survey team members.
  • The interested applicants must have sound knowledge of computer aided systems used in the field of hydrology to analyze the water quality, flow speed and other details.

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