Hydroelectric Plant Technician Education and Job Requirements

Hydroelectric Plant Technician Requirements

Hydroelectric Plant Technician Education and Job Requirements give a complete description of the knowledge attributes, qualifications and skills that are needed by a candidate who is applying for the post of Hydroelectric Plant Technician. A hydroelectric Plant Technician is an employee who is hired by a hydroelectric power plant and is responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of the various machinery items and equipments used at an electric plant. His work involves the maintenance of products like pumps, valves, gates, fans and batteries.

One needs to have specific education qualifications to get through the job. The following are a few:

Education Qualification:

  • High school diploma is the most basic thing to ask for. Apart from that, the candidate must be a graduate in electronics, mechanics or chemistry.
  • Though a PG degree is too much to ask for, but if the candidate has got a Master’s degree or Diploma in the above mentioned subjects, then it always stands him a better chance to grab the job.
  • 2-3 years of experience at any power plant or electronic company is an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate must have highly developed problem solving abilities and a good hand at Maths and Electronics.
  • He must be good at working in a team and should have strong observation skills.
  • He must be able to accommodate himself according to the work assigned and must be ready to work in tough deadline situations.
  • He must know how to operate high voltage switches or other such devices.

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