HVAC Mechanic Education and Job Requirements

HVAC Mechanic Requirements

A heating, ventilator, air-conditioner or HVAC mechanic works to install and repair heating and air-condition equipments. Due to the increasing requirements of such equipments in every home, the necessity of a HVAC mechanic has increased like never before. If you have the requisite hands-on experience in handling such apparatus, then this can be an exciting and rewarding career. A HVAC mechanic should be up-to-date with latest equipments and possess the right tools to handle these equipments.

Education Requirements:

  • To be a HVAC Mechanic, the candidate should at least complete his or her high school or Bachelor’s Degree in any stream, although experience in Mechanics and Electricals will be considered preferable.
  • Being a HVAC Mechanic is making oneself self-employed. So you need to have appropriate license to start your career as a HVAC Mechanic. Complete the State Licensure Examination successfully to get your license.
  • Get yourself trained for a part-time or short full-time course to obtain the practical knowledge to handle work as HVAC Mechanic. Internships or apprenticeships also give you handy exposure to its concepts.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates are expected to learn the work through on-the-job training.
  • The candidate is expected to know the heating and cooling equipments thoroughly.
  • They also need to possess the ability to follow standard and safety procedures while handle the machine parts.
  • Ability to test the machines by various procedures is absolutely essential.
  • They need to be able to increase the balance of the system to make it hotter or cooler.

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