HR Vice President Education Requirements

An HR vice president works in the HR department of the company and holds one of the most important positions for the department. This job position is related to organisational planning, development, recruitment and training of personnels. An HR vice president is responsible for the development and designing of the HR policies for the entire company. He/she also advices and assists the HR president on many issues and policy making aspects of the company.

An HR vice president can attain this job position after an ample experience in the HR department and gradually steps the ladder to become the vice president. But if a person is applying for this job position in a new company, then he/she is required to satisfy certain educational qualifications along with skills and other requirements. The HR Vice president Education requirements make a person well aware about all the job responsibilities related with the concerned post.

HR vice president education requirements:

The following are the requirements which one needs to fulfil in order to become an HR vice president:

  • It is really important for one to have completed high school education from a recognised school with 60% or a better percentage.
  • A bachelor’s degree in human resources or an equivalent degree is required along with specialised education or courses in organisational planning, labour relations and compensation.
  • A master’s degree in Human resources or business management is also required for one to attain the job position of an HR vice president.
  • Knowledge of labour relations, employee relations, employment, recruitment, organisational planning, training and development is also extremely important.

HR vice president degree, courses and certifications:

  • A high school diploma certificate is a must for becoming an HR vice president.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Human resources or any other equivalent field is another compulsory educational requirement.
  • Master’s degree in Human resource development or business administration is often a compulsory requirement for one to be at this job position.

HR vice president training and qualifications:

One must be an experienced HR employee for being eligible for the position of an HR vice president. Attributes such as leadership qualities, communication skills, interpersonal skills and knowledge of the entire HR department functioning is important. Training of management techniques, labour relations, leadership qualities and others also plays a very important role to work as HR Vice president.

HR vice president colleges and universities:

HR vice president wages and salaries:

The average median salary of an HR vice president is around $85000 which may vary from one company to another depending upon its work profile and reputation.

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