HR Representative Education Requirements

An HR representative or a Human resource representative is an employee of a company who works for the HR department and forms a bridge between the management and the employees especially in large working companies where the management cannot look into the matters of all its employees individually. An HR representative is responsible for recruitment, interviewing, training and hiring of the employees on the basis of their education, experience and skills. This job is one which requires a certain set level of education and skills and one cannot qualify for the job position without satisfying the requirements.

An HR representative does not only need the educational requirements to be fulfilled but must also have the required management skills, leadership techniques, knowledge of the recruitment procedures and also experience. He/she may be required to perform tasks related to training, development, labour management and performance appraisal. In order to work at this position efficiently, there are certain HR representative education requirements that a candidate needs to fulfil.

HR representative educational requirements:

The following are the required educational qualifications:

  • One must pass high school with acceptable grades or scores and a passing certificate stating the same.
  • A bachelor’s degree in HR background, business management, administration, economics, and finance can be the most suitable qualifications for one to enter this field of work.
  • A person with a master’s degree in MBA or Human resources is most suitable for this job and if often preferred over other candidates.
  • Besides these formal educational qualifications, an aspiring HR representative needs to have knowledge related to functioning of a business enterprise, industrial psychology, labour law, compensation, recruitment etc.

HR representative degrees, courses and certifications:

  • A high school diploma from a recognised school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, labour law, industrial development, business etc.
  • Master’s in MBA, administration, management, human resources is always preferred.
  • Courses in labour law, recruitment, business management, employee relations, and psychology are often considered fruitful for personal use and also from the point of view of the employers.
  • One must be a confident leader with the exact vision of the kind of employees the company needs.

HR representative qualifications and training:

Training under an HR representative of a company can prove to be extremely useful for those candidate who wish to work at this job position. The training provides hands on experience of the challenges to be faced while working as a HR representative.

HR representative colleges and universities:

HR representative wages and salaries:

The annual average salary of the candidate working at this position is around $45000 which can also vary depending upon the work profile and type of organisation.

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