HR Education Requirements

The human resource department consists of thorough professionals who are responsible for finding and fine tuning resources for the organization. They are responsible for dealing with people, judging and placing them according to the skill sets that they find appropriate for a particular position in the company. The human resource department introduces various policies and guidelines that add to the proper growth of the company.

The different capacities at which the HR department works are, the junior level HR associates,  the HR Director, the HR Generalist and a head of the department or Vice President (sometimes the manager justifies this role).

The educational qualification does not differ much as much as the experience does. However, requirements are as follows:

  • The applicant at an initial level should have a major in human resources administration, labor relations or industrial relations
  • Applicant can be a major in liberal arts or business administration
  • Applicant can be a major in behavioral sciences in order to cater to various departmental necessities to deal with employees
  • Applicant can be a graduate in various disciplines like public administration, sociology, psychology, political science, statistics and economics

The HR department is a necessity in any big organization in order to keep the work process structured and to maintain healthy work atmosphere.

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