Housekeeping Education Requirements

Housekeeping professions can be rewarding for an individual at every job level. To acquire this job, basic high school degree or GED is adequate. However, to learn the important facets of housekeeping jobs, one should undergo certain training or certification programs. This helps to gain employee recognition and also help in understanding the job necessities.

One could easily avail this certification courses offered by various vocational schools and colleges or through online classes offered by many accredited institutes. The duration of these courses varies and one could undertake it according to their convenience. Courses with long duration help to learn new things extensively.

Housekeeping Education Requirements

  • The candidate intended to join housekeeping profession must possess the basic high school degree or GED to understand the further proceeding of the job. Moreover, this basic degree also makes the concern person eligible to participate in any certification programs related to the particular job.
  • He should essentially possess vocational courses that impart knowledge on various domains like cleaning, safety maintenance of the equipments associated with the work etc.
  • Frontline programs are also offered by various organizations for their housekeeping staffs at initial stage. This course helps the concern individual to learn the basic aspects of the job.
  • In order to get associated with large organization, it is essential to undergo certification courses offered by International Executive Housekeeper Association (IEHA) to get the affirmation of Certified Executive Housekeeper.

Housekeeping Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

An individual who wish to secure housekeeping profession must undertake certain courses in order to achieve the below-enlisted degrees and certifications.

  • GED or High school Degree
  • Certification Through Vocational Courses- Safety Management, Cleaning, Green Housekeeping etc
  • Associate Degree in Housekeeping-[Frontline programs]
  • Certified Executive Housekeeper Certification- IEHA

Housekeeping Qualifications and Trainings:

On-hand training experiences are one of the most required pre-requisites of this job. This help to make the candidate acquainted with various associated avenues of the housekeeping job. Additional qualifications can also be gained by professional education and credential program on housekeeping. This helps to get well-familiarized with a series of housekeeping methods.

Housekeeping Colleges and Universities:

Housekeeping Wages and Salary:

The individual associated with housekeeping job in part-time basis gets wage around $70-$85 per day. Individuals associated with the housekeeping job in permanent basis gets salary around $15,000-$20,000 per annum. However, remuneration also depends upon the factors like years of experience, kind of organization etc.

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