Housekeeping Worker Education Requirements

Housekeeping workers are responsible for general cleaning, making beds, vacuum cleaning halls and performing other related work. They can work in private homes or commercial establishments. Typically most housekeeping workers work full time and those working in hotels and hospitals may even have to work on weekends and evenings.

This work can be physically demanding, but the good news is that for housekeeping worker education requirements are not extreme. Even a person with minimal education can become a housekeeping worker.

Housekeeping Worker Education Requirements

  • There is no need for college education to become a housekeeping worker
  • If a person wants to become a supervisor in housekeeping, it helps to have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • A manager in housekeeping will require college education

Housekeeping Worker Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Here are the details about housekeeping worker degrees, courses and certifications that a person should aim for if intending to take up this field of work:

  • Getting a Voluntary CEH and REH certification from the International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA) is an added benefit though not mandatory.
  • To get certification of Certified Executive Housekeeper (CEH), the person should have a high school diploma or equivalent besides having an associate degree in hospitality
  • Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Operations can help a person advance to management position
  • Bachelor’s degree in Facilities Management is useful for housekeeping workers who want managerial position
  • Other Bachelor degrees in Event Planning, Operations Control and Resource Management are also helpful for housekeeping workers looking to become managers and supervisors

Housekeeping Worker Qualifications and Training

Usually a new housekeeping worker spends time working with an experienced worker. During this period, the new worker learns routine cleaning tasks and gains experience. Once they get the necessary experience, the housekeeping worker is assigned more complicated tasks.

In some cities, unions and government agencies teach housekeeping workers janitorial skills. They learn to clean a place efficiently, select safe cleaning agents and also learn how to operate wet and dry vacuum cleaners, polishers and buffers.

Housekeeping worker in a supervisory or managerial position requires communication skills, interpersonal management skills and teaching skills. In addition, they should have computer skills to operate the housekeeping software and Microsoft Office.

Housekeeping Worker Colleges and Universities

Housekeeping Worker Wages and Salary

The salary for a housekeeping worker is about $19,300 per year. If the worker is paid on an hourly basis, he can expect to earn about $9.28 per hour.

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