Hotel Maintenance Education Requirements

A hotel maintenance worker is a person who is appointed by the authorities of a hotel for the overall maintenance work.  The work of hotel maintenance requires a lot of varied tasks and duties which can only be rested upon the shoulders of someone who possesses the right education qualifications as well as certain specific skills and personality attributes.  He/she is responsible for ensuring the fact that the standards of cleanliness, order and perfect functioning are met on daily basis and the hotel is considered at high quality by visitors, guests and the authorities.

To become a hotel maintenance executive, one must be aware of all the big and small installation and repair procedures. He/she must be skilled enough to work on every little maintenance task from the cleanliness operations to the safety and precautions. They must have extensive knowledge of plumbing, electricity, appliances, all equipments used in hotels and also carpentry and furnishings.

Hotel maintenance education requirements:

  • The first and most important education requirement for a person to be a hotel maintenance executive is to complete high school education from a recognised school.
  • Not all hotels demand a bachelor’s degree for one to be a hotel maintenance executive but a diploma course in hotel management or an experience of working in a hotel for a maintenance related job is often required.
  • Knowledge of carpentry, repair, installations, electrical appliances, plumbing etc is quite essential.
  • A high school diploma from an accredited school of the state is a must

Hotel maintenance degrees, courses and certifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any discipline is not compulsory but may be required at a few hotels.
  • Diploma course in hotel maintenance is also a requirement for non graduates.
  • Course in plumbing, carpentry, flooring, electrical repair and installation work etc can be considered as a plus point for those who wish to work in the field of hotel maintenance.

Hotel maintenance qualifications and training:

One must hold a training of working in a hotel or similar maintenance work background so as to become a hotel maintenance worker. He/she must be hardworking with a diverse knowledge of all the maintenance works such as cooling and heating systems, electronics, electricity related problem solving etc.

Hotel maintenance colleges and universities

The average salary for a hotel maintenance worker per year is $37528 but can vary from hotel to hotel depending upon the experience of the candidate and the job profile.

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