Hotel Clerk Education Requirements

Hotel clerks are the first people that the guests meet when they enter a hotel and thus they have a lasting impact on a guest’s experience with a hotel. They perform a variety of tasks such as assigning room to guests, issuing room keys, providing directions around the hotel, storing luggage and delivering requested items to guest room. A hotel clerk usually takes the entire blame or praise for a guest’s experience at the hotel.

Hotel Clerk Education Requirements

Individuals looking forward to become hotel clerks will need the following educational requirements:

  • Most hotels look for hotel clerks who hold a high school diploma at the least and there are hotels that do not require one as well.
  • Candidates who look forward for a promotion can obtain a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or any related field and there are many colleges and universities that has programs focusing on these areas.
  • Candidates can also take courses in international tourism to acquire knowledge about the travel industry.
  • Candidates can take courses in computers and typing, as most of their job functions may rely on registration software.
  • Gaining experience in the field is an added advantage and this increases the possibility of getting hired in hotels with greater standards.
  • Hotels usually provide the candidates with on-job training and candidates learn about the hotel operations during their training period.

Hotel Clerk Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • A high school diploma.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or business administration or Bachelor’s degree in hotel and resort management (Optional).
  • Knowledge in computers can be an added advantage.
  • Courses in Hotel Administration, Safety standards, Marketing and merchandising and analysis of quality food production.

Hotel Clerk Qualification and Training

Hotel clerks interact with guests at the hotel and thus need good customer skills. Individuals should be able to handle stressful situations during peak times. Hotel clerks need to be on the clock at all times as hotels are open all the days. Hotel clerks may have to sort out problems independently and as smoothly as possible and in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

Hotel Clerk Colleges and Universities

Hotel Clerk Wages and Salary

Hotel clerks are usually paid an hourly wage and are found to be between $8 and $16 per hour. The wages vary depending upon the hotel they work for and the individual’s experience in the industry.

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