Hospitality Management Education Requirements

Hospitality industry is very large which includes a number of services. These services include facilities such as lodging, tourism, restaurant/ eateries, holiday/ event planning etc. All the firms or organizations or entities which are involved in the provision of the hospitality services have to employ a number of efficient personnel adequate for hospitality management. These personnel must meet some basic educational requirements.

Hospitality services are provided by various sorts of organizations such as restaurants, hotels, motels etc. All these must be managed properly so that all the operations of the entity go on without a hitch. The tasks to be performed by hospitality management executive are diverse and complicated. These individuals must hence possess a certain set of skills peculiar in nature to this field of management.

Hospitality Education requirements:

  • A high school education as per the standards set by the laws or authorities.
  • There is requirement of a bachelors (graduation degree) in the fields which includes or relates to any of the following; hotel management, hotel and tourism management, business administration, sciences (hospitality), economics etc.
  • There is requirement of a masters in the fields which includes or relates to any of the following; hotel management, hotel administration, business administration, economics (in reference to business/ hospitality), sciences (in reference to business/ hospitality) etc.
  • Though not essential but a person may also acquire a doctorate of philosophy in any of the subjects or fields.

Hospitality Degree, Courses and Certifications:

  • A high school diploma with emphasise on subjects like management, sciences, law, economics etc.
  • The bachelors’ degree such as Bachelors’ of Hotel Management or any other similar degree.
  • Diploma in Hotel & Catering Law, Hospitality Management, Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism etc.
  • Certificate courses like Food & Beverage Management, Fundamentals of Hotel Industry, and Accommodation Studies etc.
  • The individual may also head on to pursue a masters i.e. Masters in Hospitality Management, Masters’ in Resource Management (specialisation in Hotel Industry) etc.

Hospitality Qualifications and Training

Most firms set a requirement for the management executives to have some work experience. The requirement is generally a minimum of 6 months with no upper limit.A firm/ entity may excuse the work experience requirement, but in such cases the entities may provide on job trainings.

Hospitality Colleges and Universities:

Hospitality Wages and Salaries:

The salary for those employed at the position of hospitality management ranges between $70,000 and $120,000 depending upon the type of industry and the work profile.

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