Hospitality and Tourism Education Requirements

Hospitality and tourism is a broad industry which encompasses within it various job positions which delivers different kind of services related to the field according to the need and individual’s expertise. Basically, all the job position associated with this industry requires enormous potential and ability to provide good hospitality and tourism services. Therefore, through conventional degrees offered by various institutes on hospitality management one could learn the basic knitty-gritty of the job and how optimum services related to the field could be provided.

These days various certification courses on hospitality and tourism management are also available through online which can be completed by the interested individuals on part time basis as well.

Hospitality and Tourism Education Requirements

  • Job of a hospitality and tourism industry varies largely, hence the knowledge necessities also differ. However, all the job positions do require at least a high school pass certificate to acquire further knowledge in this field.
  • Depending on the hierarchy of the job position and its requirement, bachelor’s degree in hotel or food management, hospitality or tourism management, hospitality or tourism administration, tourism and travel etc. is required.
  • Sometimes, even masters degree on Hospitality or Tourism Management are also anticipated by the employers
  • According to the job requirement, professional degrees on food service or hotel management, seasonal tourism, basic culinary skills must be achieved by the individual as well to explicate the true abilities at its best.

Hospitality and Tourism Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Candidate who wishes to acquire a job in the field of hospitality and tourism must have the following degrees, courses and certifications.

  • High school degree or GCE
  • Bachelor’s degree in Food management, Hotel management, Travel and Tourism, Tourism Management, Tourism administration, Hospitality Management.
  • Master’s degree in Hospitality Administration or Tourism Management
  • Professional certification course of Food Services, Seasonal Tourism, Hotel management, Basic Culinary Skills.

Hospitality and Tourism Qualifications and Trainings:

Job associated with hospitality and tourism industry seeks for hands-on training in amusement parks, cruise ships, resorts, national parks, lodges and hotels. Qualifications can be gained through various specialized certification course or higher degrees from accredited institutes.

Hospitality and Tourism Colleges and Universities:

Hospitality and Tourism Wages and Salary:

The salaries on a hospitality and tourism industry differ according to the level of job position, experience of an individual or employment status (full time or part time). However, for lower level jobs, it ranges between $12,000 and $20,000 per annum and for higher level jobs it ranges between $25,000 and $70,000 per annum.

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