Hospital Administration Education Requirements

A hospital administration professional takes care of administrative activities in a hospital. The administrative activities that are under the domain of the scope of work of a hospital administration professional are the patient in and out entry details, managing hospital staff, coordinating with doctors, assisting the other health care professionals, etc. Candidates are interested to set up a career in the field of hospital administration need to get the relevant course completed in health care management, hospital management, health care informatics, health care operations, etc.

By earning a master degree in these courses, candidates can aim to achieve a middle management or higher management role in any hospital with the administration department. Candidates can look at the below provided details on the education and career prospects for the role of a hospital administration professional.

Hospital Administration Educational Requirements

  • Candidates should take up courses in the field of health care during their under graduation and post graduation.
  • Candidates should develop the overall understanding of the functional of a health care centre. Then they need to be able to formulate policies in order to improve the efficiency of the hospital administration.
  • Candidates can also look for specialized certifications that can be done to enhance the knowledge and improve the chances of getting selected for the role of hospital administration professional.

Hospital Administration Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates can opt for the following courses if they would like to become a hospital administration professional:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration
  • Associate in Business Administration – Medical Practice Management
  • Master’s – Business Administration: Health Services
  • Associate – Health Information Technology
  • MBA in Health Care Management

Hospital Administration Qualifications and Training

There are certification courses available in medical office administration, health services management, health services, etc. A relevant work experience of working with the hospital staff for at least two years would serve to benefit the candidate in the recruitment process and while performing the role of hospital administration professional.

Hospital Administration Colleges and Universities

Hospital Administration Wages and Salaries

There is a continuous need for good hospital administrators in hospitals, nursing homes, medical offices, etc. Candidates who work as hospital administrators are generally paid an hourly rate which may range from $9 to $20 per hour. Considering an eight hour a day work, the equivalent annual compensation may out of to be around $20,000 to $48,000. The median salary is about $34,000 per year. These salary estimates are taken from the Pay Scale website.

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