Horticulturist Education and Job Requirements

Horticulturist Requirements

A horticulturist is a person who is responsible for the overall maintenance of horticulture. Unlike a gardener he not only maintains the plants heath, but also tries out different methods of propagation so that new varieties of seeds and plants can be produced at a lesser cost. A horticulturist makes sure that horticulture look more beautiful and gives good profit margins. The job is both interesting and challenging as it allows sufficient scope of experimentation which is really a very big positive point for people pursuing this branch of studies.

Horticulturist Educational Requirements

  • Candidate should preferably have a high school degree
  • Candidate with some kind of training in horticulture or botany will be preferred
  • Candidate should also have some kind of on the job experience before he can apply for this job

Horticulturist Job Requirements

  • Applicant should have adequate knowledge about different kinds of fertilizers, organic gardening techniques, chemical control of crop diseases soils and other details which can help to make the horticulture look more beautiful.
  • Applicant should be able to supervise and train other workers
  • Applicant should also look after the other departments of the horticulture and ensure that the atmosphere of the horticulture remains fresh and healthy

A horticulturist aspirant should have deep passion for plants and flowers and should be well equipped d with practical and theoretical knowledge about botanical science so that he can take maximum care of the horticulture and do justice to his role

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