Home Health Care Education Requirements

The home health care professionals are those who help the disabled, ill and cognitively impaired patients who require constant care and assistance. There are health care facilities that employ these professionals for assisting disabled individuals. The educational requirement in this field is not in terms of graduation or post graduation degrees but in terms of training courses that deal specifically with home health care. Employers look for training and experience. There are formal training and competency tests that need to be taken in order to become a certified home health care professional. The specific requirements vary from state to state.

Home Health Care Education Requirements:

  • There is no requirement for a high school diploma. It is more important to start training in order to take the necessary licensing exams for becoming a home health care professional. These courses will instruct on how to take care of a patient and his different needs.
  • There are certificate courses which are needed to be taken up that teach the candidate how to maintain sanitary and hygiene requirements, dealing with different emergencies and basic housekeeping requirements of patients.
  • Licensing exams are needed to be taken in order to be certified by the state. There needs to be sufficient knowledge in personal hygiene, reading and recording vital signs, safe transfer techniques as well as infection control.
  • Pass Certification in State Nursing Certification Program.

Home Health Care Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • Certification in Physical Therapy, Nutrition
  • Certification in Speech and Language Pathology Assessment
  • Certification in Patient Medical Documentation

Home Health Care Qualification and Training:

The home health care personnel do not need to be highly educated. In fact, some do not even possess a high school diploma. The training is needed in order to understand how different patients have different needs. A good health care professional will be able to assess what is required to be done in order to help and better the patient’s life. Training helps in becoming an efficient professional who can be relied upon for different situation whether it is for simple housekeeping or important tasks like checking vitals, regular medicine intake etc. A home health care professional can be hired privately or under health care facilities.

Home Health Care Colleges and Universities:

Home Health Care Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of the health care professional is $47,713 per annum. Those hired privately may earn more or less depending on the patient and the rates offered.

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