History Teacher Education Requirements

History teachers give pupils a broad exposure to the historical events of world and/or any region in particular. They teach students about the various events that shaped history right from antiquity to the present day. Most history teachers are employed in high schools and junior schools and also in some institutes imparting professional education. Those history teachers, who don’t have a degree, could usually find employment in a private school. History teachers of public schools must have a four-year degree that combines history and teacher education. An aspiring history teacher is likely to benefit from attending the programs recognized by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

History Teacher Education Requirements

  • Besides a course in history, aspirants must complete the coursework for preparing them for classroom instructions. Such courses usually fulfill the state’s teacher credential requirements and also cover topics on teaching methods and curriculum development.
  • Some states require teacher training programs to incorporate technology training facilities that acquaint aspiring history teachers with classroom instruction and teaching aids like computers.
  • Various teacher education programs require the aspirant to undergo teaching internships. Under supervision of a licensed instructor, the candidate undergoes instructional techniques.

History Teacher Degrees, Courses and Certifications

An aspiring history teacher can get the following degrees:

  • Bachelors degree in education
  • Master’s degree in education or special education
  • Certificate in continuing education

History Teacher Qualifications and Training

Besides the internship, some states allow graduate teachers majoring in history to teach the subject in evening classes as part of the internship. Teachers can also enroll for a full time, two semester program that comprises the history teacher education coursework.

History Teacher Colleges and Universities

History Teacher Wages and Salary

A qualified history teacher is expected to draw an annual salary of about $55,000. They can go on to become the head of the history department.

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