Histology Technician Education Requirements

A Histology Technician is an expert who prepares slides which are then used by pathologists and scientists. Histology is basically the scientific study of tissues as well as their structures etc. It is the job of a histology technician to prepare tissue sections, stain and also coverslip the microscopic tissue sections on the slides so as to identify the symptoms of diseases and other forms of illnesses etc.

There are various types of work setting where the role of histology technician may be required or needed.  Some of these work settings are clinics, labs, hospitals, and public health facilities. In order to get to this position, one requires following a certain path of education and qualifications. So let’s take a look at the various educational requirements which an aspiring histology technician needs to fulfill.

Histology Technician Education Requirements

  • In order to become a histology technician, a candidate needs to complete high school education is the subjects covering biology, physics, maths and computer science etc.
  • One might need to complete a basic course in medical terminology, biochemistry, anatomy and English communication etc so as to move ahead towards becoming a histology technician.
  • Following this course, an aspiring histology technician can join a community college to pursue a histology certificate program.  This program helps to build a strong base in histology and learn technical aspects related to it.

Histology Technician Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The candidates who wish to become histology technicians must pursue the following given degrees, courses and certifications.

  • High school diploma is the first mandatory requirement. During high school the candidate must opt for biology or medical studies as his/her main subject along with English, computers and math etc.
  • The next step is to enroll in a college to take the histology certificate program or histology technician certificate program.
  • The American society for clinical pathologists offers histotechnician certification, which too can be taken by an aspiring histology technician.

Histology Technician Qualification and Training

Just formal educational requirements are not enough for a candidate to become a histology technician. Certain amount of training in the field is also required which can be gained by working under an established technician.

Histology Technician Colleges and Universities

Histology Technician Wages and Salaries

A histology technician is expected to earn an average median salary of $56000. The salary of the candidate may vary depending upon the type of set and the skills and qualifications of the candidate.

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