Higher the education, better the lifestyle (infographic)

Surveys and analysis say that there is a great link between the level of education and the life expectancy. An interesting finding is that the college graduates tend to live at least five times longer than the high school dropouts.

Every four year increase in the level of education reduces the most common risks for life such as heart disease, diabetes, smoking and overweight by considerable extent.

Infant mortality rates are seen to be affected by the level of education of the mother. The mortality rate of the children of the women who never graduated at high school is about two times that of the women who are college graduates.

Barring the US, in most industrialized nations, the children of the parents who are not so well educated seem to perform poorly than those of the educated parents. Also it was found that the  health influences the education of a child.

The education level seem to affect the earning of a person drastically. The lifetime earnings of a 40 year full time employee with a graduate degree was $ 4.4 m, which was two times that of a person with a Bachelors degree which in turn was twice the earnings of a High school Graduate.

Higher the education, better the lifestyle

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  1. jkcook says:

    This is a great infographic, but it would be more useable if you listed your sources. Can you do so? Thanks, janet

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