High School Teacher Education Requirements

High school is also known as the secondary school and refers to the class grades 9 to 12. A high school teacher is an individual who imparts knowledge to all its pupils in the varied number of subject options such as mathematics, history, science, and English etc. They are also supposed to cultivate a learning atmosphere in the classroom. Their role thus is very important and hence any person who wishes to become a high school teacher must have a certain level of self education, certain educational qualifications and a set of skills without which he/ she would not be capable enough to help the children (pupil) grow.

The students going through high school are at a cross point where they have to decide on their future, a teacher is also required to help the students to make the right choice for a fulfilling and successful future life. The high school teachers must thus be well versed in this sphere as well. All the institutions require that the prospective teacher must have a bachelor’s degree in addition to the school education. There are some institutions that may require an additional diploma course in teaching. But these requirements vary from state to state, and the laws set by the education authorities.

High School Teacher Education requirements:

  • A high school education with not less than average grades.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required from a state accredited institution; the major of the bachelor’s degree is by choice of the respective individual.
  • A master’s degree though not a necessity, sends a positive message about the individual.
  • The high school diploma and the grade cards/ transcripts are needed.

High School Teacher Degree, Courses and Certifications:

  • The degree of Bachelor’s in the respective subject, while presenting the grades obtained.
  • A master’s degree, if obtained, is required.
  • A teaching course in accordance with the credentials of a state authorised organisation/ institution.

High School Teacher Qualifications and Training

All the individuals applying for high school teacher position must have a certain basic level of training, before attaining the position as a permanent high school teacher. Some institutions may require the individual to have trained for a longer period of time than the standard for others.

High School Teacher Colleges and Universities:

High School Teacher Wages and Salaries:

The salary for a high school teacher may vary across state just as the educational and other requirements for becoming a teacher. Bu generally the salary varies between $48,000 and $58,000 approximately, with an average of $54,000.

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