High School Guidance Counsellor Education Requirements

A guidance counsellor in high school is someone who helps students with their problems related to academics and personal issues. Guidance counsellors help students identify and overcome their problems; they also guide them in applying to colleges. Guidance counsellors are a great asset to schools as teachers cannot always help the students.

Counsellor’s help students have a healthy high school life and guide them towards another healthy and suitable college life. A good high school guidance counsellor can definitely make a difference in a student’s life. Guidance counsellors are responsible for sensitizing the students and faculty about sexual health, mental disorders, bullying, college application requirements, etc. in school.


 High School Guidance Counsellor Education Requirements:


  • A master’s degree is mandatory to become a high school guidance counsellor. An aspirant should ideally have a bachelor’s degree in psychology or teaching. You can also pursue a bachelor’s degree in communication.
  • The bachelor’s degree should be followed by a master’s program in educational psychology or school counselling accredited by Council for Accreditation of Counselling and related Educational Programs (CACREP). The master’s degree is one or two years long; It will help in making one familiar to the teaching environment and lesson planning. Also, you need to have teaching experience, teaching certificates after meeting the minimum education requirements.
  • A high school guidance counsellor must also have a certificate, a license and an internship experience. There are different requirements for different certificates. Often, you are required to pass criminal records check, online assessments, and develop a portfolio.


High School Guidance Counsellor Degrees, courses and certifications:


  • High School Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree- Psychology/ Communication/ Teaching(Education)
  • Master’s Degree- Educational Psychology/ School Counselling
  • Internship or Practical Requirements to qualify for the License; qualifying a national or state administered counselling exams.
  • Certification degree- National Certified School Counsellor/ National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

High School Guidance Counsellor Qualification and Training:

  • From psychology, communication or teaching bachelor courses, you will learn how to deal with diverse subjects and will be trained in communicating with others, analysis of people, etc.
  • In the master’s program, one is trained in research, human development, counselling techniques and theories, ethics, and general counselling. One will learn counselling different subjects (different culture, race, sex, sexual orientation), assessment of students and intervention techniques.

High School Guidance Counsellor Colleges and Universities:

High School Guidance Counsellor Wages and Salaries:

Salaries start at $30,000 per annum but increase with experience. The average salary for high school guidance counsellors stands at $50,000 per annum.

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