Health Teacher Education Requirements

A health teacher’s education must focus on developing excellent subject knowledge in the candidate and must also include knowledge of effective teaching methodologies. A health teacher is a professional who is responsible for imparting health related knowledge and awareness among students of various age groups. Hence their education program should include their subject knowledge as well as emphasis should be given on child phycology and effective teaching techniques. Hence the candidates looking forward to attain career as health teacher must possess excellent knowledge about diet & nutrition and physical exercises required to attain good health.

Health Teacher Education Requirements:

  • High school degree passed with excellent marks in the stream.
  • Bachelor’s degree program in health related subjects.
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) certification is not a mandatory requirement for teacher certification program but it boosts up the curricular vitae of the candidate.
  • These candidates should also be learned in child phycology and children’s frame of mind.
  • These candidates must be learned in innovative teaching methods to convey the subject knowledge to the students in an effective manner. The teachers must possess capabilities to make the subject matter interesting for the students.

Health Teacher Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who want to attain their career as health teacher must acquire following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in health and physical education or any closely related field
  • Master’s degree in Arts, Science, health & physical education or any associated stream
  • These candidates must also attain necessary license by passing National Teacher Examination

Health Teacher Education Qualification and Training:

Along with the formal education in the field of health teaching, the candidates must also acquire necessary skills to become an efficient health teacher. The most important skills required for this field are strong communication and interpersonal skills, and understanding of child psychology.

In-class internship training programs and student teaching workshops are required to develop the requisite skill set in the candidates.  The excellent knowledge about nutrition, physical exercises, awareness about obesity, interpersonal communication skills and awareness about healthy lifestyle add up to the qualifications of health teacher.

Health Teacher Education Colleges and Universities:

Health Teacher Education Wages and Salaries:

A teacher’s profession is very noble and good teachers are required for bright future of children. On an average, the Health teachers earn around $40,000 – $80,000. The salary also varies depending upon the type of organization the candidate works for and their experience.

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