Health Psychologist Education Requirements

Health psychologists are professional who manage and analyze individual health. General healthcare facilities hire as per the professional experience and training the candidate has been exposed to. The responsibilities and duties of such a profession are to examine nutrition, food habit and health requirements of an individual.

Health consultant education is essential and advanced educational degrees will help gain better employment opportunities. Generally organizations and fitness centers hire this consultant in order to improve the general health of the clients. This can be for part-time, full-time and on contractual basis. Small and large centers require such consultants for increasing their clientele.

Health Psychologist Education Requirements

  • It is important to go through an undergraduate course. This has to deal with health nutrition and counseling. Students must acquire good understanding of the ways in which can the body and the mind functions when it comes to health and the way in which this can be improved.
  • Most employers will prefer if the candidate has a Master’s degree in health, nutrition and psychology. This also helps in gaining better understanding of the importance of the human body functions and its relation to health.
  • There are certification courses on nutrition. One has to acquire licensing from the American Psychiatry Association in order to practice.

Health Psychologist Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Dietetics, Psychiatry, Health Nutrition
  • Master’s in Nutrition Science, Psychiatry
  • Licensure in Health and Nutrition Counseling
  • Certification in Dietary Programming
  • Certification in Health Administration, Healthcare Consultancy,

Health Psychologist Education Training and Qualification

The training is important for candidates in order to acquire assessment skills for identifying problems relevant to a person’s health. There are hypothetical situations which the students are exposed to in order to understand the issues concerning individual health. Most of the times these are related to the mind and there has to be rigorous workshops and seminar training to inculcate counseling skills. Preparing for licensing exam provides proper training facilities with which the student’s understanding of the human mind and its perception of health is facilitated.

Health Psychologist Colleges and Universities

Health Psychologist wages and Salaries

A health psychologist salary is as per the health center that employs him. The average salary can range from $45,600 to $89,000 depending on the fitness center or organization he or she works for. There are also certain employers who pay as per contract or hourly/weekly.

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