Health Counsellor Education Requirements

A Health Counsellor is a person who provides consulting services to various individuals on health related issues. These types of individuals may work in different field like mental health counselling, diabetes health counselling and others.  The health counsellor assesses the needs of their clients and provides consulting services based upon that.

In order to work in this job position, a person should have thorough knowledge of the field in which he/she is providing the consulting services.  The details of the educational qualifications needed to work as health counsellors are given below.

Health Counsellor Education Requirements:

  • The individual who wish to work as Health Counsellor must first finish their high school with good grades.
  • Then they can go for bachelor’s degree in their field of counselling which is considered to be a minimum qualification to work in the said position.
  • The post graduate degree in their field of work will surely give an edge as compared to other candidates.
  • The person should also obtain a license or a certificate from their state or country as per the requirements to work in the position of Health Counsellor.

Health Counsellor Degrees, courses and certifications:

There are various degrees, courses and certifications that an individual can undergo to work as Health Counsellor and these include the following:

  • High School Diploma
  • Bachelors Degree Program in counselling like mental health counselling, rehabilitation counselling, diabetes counselling and others.
  • MS in Mental Health Counselling
  • Diploma in health counselling
  • Masters of Science in Counselling
  • PhD in mental health counselling

Health Counsellor Qualifications and training:

Education plays a very important role for an individual who wish to work as Health Counsellor.  The educational requirements vary from one organization to another but a minimum of graduate degree in needed.  Depending upon the type of work profile like mental health counselling, diabetes counselling and other, the educational qualifications differ.  Different types of online courses are also available for the person who wishes to work as Health Counsellor .Training is also very important to work as Health Counsellor as it gives insight into the actual and practical working.  The training can be done under a certified or a licensed professional in the field.

Health Counsellor Colleges/Universities

Health Counsellor Wages and Salary

The rise in the number or people working as Health Counsellor is increasing at a good pace. The salary of the person working in this field vary depending upon various factors like, job profile, type of organization, qualifications and skill sets of the candidate and others. On an average, a Health Counsellor gets a salary between $35,000 and $51,000 per annum.

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