Health Care Administration Education Requirements

The health care administrator is responsible for all business transactions in hospitals, health facilities, nursing homes and medical offices. The education concentrates on the managerial and administrative duties required for running the health institutions. The responsibilities associated with this job are making budgets and overseeing management, financial and personnel issues of different departments. The health care administrator does not have any specific requirement but must possess a bachelor’s degree in order to be preferred during employment. There are colleges and universities that offer courses in business administration and hospital/nursing administration.

Health Care Administrator Education Requirements:

  • A high school diploma with exceptional grades in Mathematics, English, and Economics is very important for all aspiring to become a health care administrator.
  • There are courses that offered in graduate levels in business, hospital and nurse administration that is regulated specifically for this field. This emphasizes the required managerial knowledge needed to become successful in this field.
  • Advanced courses offered by Universities are also very important as they offer internships with local hospitals. This will help acquire practical managerial skills that are necessary with this job.
  • It is mandatory for every health care administrator associated with nursing home to pass the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) exam. This is not required by health care administrators in other medical sectors.
  • High School Degree

Health Care Administrator Degrees, Courses and Certification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
  • Associate degree in Nursing Administration, Public Health and Hospital Administration.
  • Certification in National Association of Long Term Care Administrators Board Exam.
  • Voluntary Certification from the American College of Health Administrators.

Health Care Administrator Qualification and Training:

The health care administrator needs to acquire proper communication and analytical skills that can be gained through education and adequate training. He or she must possess the necessary leadership skills required to perform various business operations and delegate authority accordingly in different levels of the medical personnel. On-job training is important is fundamental for performing well in this field. The training also emphasizes on building relationships with different medical agencies, both government and private. Taking up internships, while pursuing undergraduate and post graduate courses, also help in boosting the resume.

Health Care Administrator Colleges and Universities:

Health Care Administrator Wages and Salaries:

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the average income of a health care administrator is from $72,876 to $132,955.

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