Health Assistant Education Requirements

A health assistant is someone who assists a licensed doctor or healthcare practitioner to take care of patients. Their duties can be divided as- clinical and patient care. Their duties include performing minor invasive procedures like drawing blood; they also administer vaccines, tests, injections, etc.

Most health assistants also specialize in a certain field like dental care (dental assisting). Health assistants are a great asset to the health community as they relieve the doctors of duties and are equally important. Health assistants can find work in private and public hospitals and also in private clinics. Health assistant aspirants must be organized, have good communication and counseling skills, etc. Proper education and qualifications are also needed by candidates in order to work in this position.

 Health Assistants Education Requirements: 

  • Apart from the mandatory high school diploma, a candidate requires a health assistant certificate from the American Association of Medical Assistants. For a certificate one must be a have a bachelor’s or associate degree in a health related field like nursing or in health assisting like dental assisting, etc.
  • The candidate must check for the age limits, as they exist in some cases. Also, one needs to be legally permitted to work as health assistant.
  • Candidates can also obtain medical assistant diplomas to be eligible to become a health assistant.

Health Assistant Degrees, Courses and Certificates: 

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Care/ Associate’s Degree in Health Care accredited by the Accredited Bureau of Health Education School or Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.
  • Certification from AAMA- American Association of Medical Assistants.
  • Medical Assistant Diplomas. 

Health Assistant Qualification and Training 

  • In the course requiring 47-53 credits one will learn both basic education courses and specialization in health care. One can choose between single- subject specialization and multi- course specialization.
  • Knowledge of the health-care industry, health-care terminology, etc. Other areas that are covered are microcomputers, patient skills, technical skills, nutrition, and diseases.
  • A medical assistant diploma includes similar subjects as those in a health assistant certificate course. The areas covered are- medical terminology, medical insurance, processing of documents, pharmacology, clinical procedure, etc. 

Health Assistant Colleges and Universities 

Health Assistant Wages and Salaries 

Health assistants earn an average salary of around $45,000 per annum. The salary depends not only on experience but also on the job profile and the qualifications of the health assistants.

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