Harvard College Requirements

Harvard college requirements include a list of all the academic qualifications that one needs to acquire to become eligible for admission in the Harvard College, one of the two schools under the Harvard University. The Harvard College offers undergraduate programs in a variety of disciplines, but makes it compulsory for all applicants to have done a 4-year bachelor’s degree program before applying for the respective courses in any of the three schools – Law school, Medical school, or the Business School. Harvard is the oldest institution in the United States and undoubtedly one of the most prestigious ones that offers higher learning opportunities in education, art, law, business, politics, physics, etc.

Harvard College, like most other U.S colleges, requires the respective candidate(s) to obtain a high score in the entrance examinations, which include SAT I or an ACT test, and three SAT II tests. A high GPA in the previous bachelor degree program is also necessary to qualify for the Harvard College. Apart from academic requirements and excellent grades, Harvard College also takes in students after judging their skills and talents in extracurricular activities.

What should one do to get into Harvard?

Quite naturally, one needs to first apply to the Harvard to get in there for further studies. The application procedure comprises of two techniques – the Common Application and the Universal College Application.        Both of this can be done in two different ways, which includes online submission of application forms and application through paper copy that has to be mailed for submission. In the case of an online application, the form has to be filled up and sent alongwith the application materials at the earliest to reach the Harvard Admissions Office on time.

What are the admission requirements to get into Harvard?

Any candidate willing to apply for the Harvard College needs to apply for and obtain considerably high scores in a series of tests, which include:

  • Standard Testing Methods: The candidate has to apply for the SAT I reasoning or ACT written test and three SAT II tests, the results of which are to be submitted officially. The two SAT Subject Tests should not include mathematics in both. Also, students who do not have English as their first language should not use that subject to meet the requirements.
  • Submission of credentials: The school reports at secondary level and that of mid-year should be properly filled in by school guidance expert and submitted. Also, evaluations in two different subjects are to be done by different teachers and duly submitted. Any misrepresentation or incorrect information provided will lead to the denial of admission.

What are the qualifying marks for getting into Harvard?

There are no specific cut-off scores for any of the courses in Harvard College, but the institution lays it clearly that one has to be among the top ranking percentage of students to qualify for a seat here.

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