Hardware Technician Education and Job Requirements

Hardware Technician Requirements

Given the wide spread usage of computers, hardware technicians are always in demand. Hardware technicians install, revamp or service hardware systems to ensure that it works properly. Various types of computer systems like Desktop computer, laptop, monitor, printer, etc are used for various work purposes. Hardware technicians should possess the skills to troubleshoot various computer problems and repair them. They should also be aware of current developments in the electronic industry and keep learning them. Otherwise with the current pace of technological changes, systems get outdated soon and the old skills may not be sufficient to service new upgraded computer systems. Follow the education and job requirements below if you aspire to become a hardware technician.

Education Requirements:

  • Students can take up computer engineering for their graduation. They also additionally need training in computer hardware.
  • Many community and vocational training institutes provide certification courses in computer hardware.
  • Many other programs that can be advantageous are support, networking, microprocessors, electronics, and operating systems.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates should have good analytical skills to detect problems in computer systems and be able to repair them according to requirements.
  • Candidates must demonstrate ability to keep upgrading their knowledge in computer hardware. Otherwise the skills may be outdated.
  • They need to know the working of different components of a computer, and related machines like printers, fax machines, terminal interconnections, etc.
  • Good team skills, communication skills, and able to execute tasks on time are some of the preferred attributes.
  • The hardware technicians should be ready to work for long hours and at odd times as well.

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