Hair Stylist Education Requirements

Hair Stylist Education deals in providing information regarding the various hair styles and cuts to enhance a person’s looks. Hair Stylists are required to pursue a course in Hair Styling and acquire the license to practice as a Hair Stylist. These courses include theoretical classroom sessions as well as practical training sessions on the use of various techniques to cut the hair, colour them, give different styles, etc. Most of the hair stylists are skilled in all these areas, while some may be efficient in a particular field such as hair colouring or hair cutting or other hair styling techniques. Most Hair Stylists work particularly for men or women. Others might specialize in providing hair styling services to both.

Hair Stylist Education Requirements

  • In order to become a Hair Stylist one is required to pursue an associate’s degree in Hair Styling. Most beauty schools have courses that are completed in one – two years.
  • There are specialized Hair Styling programs that train the students on hair care, hair cutting, hair colouring and other hair styling techniques. These programs focus on both theory as well as practical sessions on hair styling. The students are also imparted education on hair treatments to improve the hair texture, density and length.
  • A Hairstylist is also expected to be updated with the latest information about Hair styling. Most employers conduct training sessions to equip their employees about the latest Hair Styling trends and techniques. One may also undergo other short term hair styling courses from reputed institutes.
  • In most states it is also essential to obtain a license to practice as a Hair Stylist.

Hair Stylist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • High School Diploma
  • Associate’s degrees in cosmetology
  • Cosmetology Program in Hair Styling/ Hair Coloring/ Hair Treatment

Hair Stylist Qualifications and Training

Hair Stylists must be skilled in styling the hair in various ways. They must know how to tackle different kinds of hair. It is recommended to attend training programs focused on teaching various hair styling techniques in addition to the associate’s degree.

Hair Stylist Colleges and Universities

Hair Stylist Wages and Salary

A Hair Stylist can earn an average of $ 25000 annually. The Salary/ Wages of a Hair Stylist may vary depending upon his employer and the city/state he is working in. Hair Stylists are also categorized in different categories such as Senior Hair Stylists, Junior Hair Stylists, Entry-level, etc and the salary also depends on the category of a Hair Stylist.

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