Guitar Technician Education and Job Requirements

Guitar Technician Requirements

Guitar technicians work with music bands and tour different places to perform concerts. They set up the Guitar strings, amplifiers, effect pedals, and do the necessary tuning of Guitars. Guitar technicians can also work in musical instruments manufacturing companies or music shops. They may help manufacture guitars or repair them. They are responsible to maintain guitars in proper condition. Guitar technicians need specialised training to carry out their tasks and therefore most of the work is learnt through on the job training. Read the below education and job requirements if you are aiming for a career in Guitar technology.

Education Requirements:

  • There is no formal education required to become a Guitar Technician.
  • Candidates should have learnt how to play Guitar, its working, and have knowledge about its internal components. This education can be obtained from community colleges providing guitar technician programs.
  • A few years of experience will help to increase your earning potential.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates are responsible to tune Guitars, perform sound checks, repair old or non-functioning Guitars, and set up the strings, amplifiers, and pedals of Guitars.
  • Since candidates are expected to travel alongside the music band at frequent intervals so they must be ready for the same.
  • They may have to perform locally, domestically, or internationally. So candidates need to be flexible with the travel requirements.
  • Candidates need to be expert in repairing of Guitars and Guitar technology.
  • Candidates should also preferably possess knowledge of AC and DC electrical circuits.
  • The candidate must keep themselves updated with the latest technology and models of guitars.

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