Guidance Counselor Education Requirements

A guidance counselor is a professional who supports and helps individuals, especially students, to find the issues that they are facing and tries to resolve them through a positive approach. Candidates who are looking at establishing a career as a guidance counselor should learn about the latest equipments that are in place to gauge the problems of their clients so that they can effectively tackle them. Students should take up specialized courses that are being provided by various institutions on career and guidance counseling on issues related to family problems, issues at workplace or educational institution, career related problems, emotional and relationship issues, health issues, etc.

Guidance Counselor Educational Requirements

  • Candidates who want to become a certified guidance counselor can take up courses in Psychology, sociology, child adolescent studies, etc.
  • There are specialized schools, colleges, and universities that teach courses in guidance counseling.
  • Most of the employers need certified guidance counselors with a master degree.

Guidance Counselor Degree, Courses, and Certifications

Candidates can choose among the following degree courses to be qualified for applying for the position of a Guidance Counselor in a firm:

  • Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision – General
  • Master of Science in Education – General
  • BS in Child Development – Child & Adolescent Studies
  • Ed.S. in Educational Leadership & Administration – General
  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Guidance Counselor Qualifications and Training

Candidates who would like to become guidance counselors should look at gaining requisite expertise in the field of psychology, adolescent studies, etc through various certifications. It would be valuable for students possessing a specialization course to gain a middle level counselor. Requirements for a guidance counselor generally vary from one state to another which interested candidates should keep them aware of. Employers look at the aspects of listening and understanding for the child or student and the capability to treat their problems with care.

Guidance Counselor Colleges and Universities

Guidance Counselor Wages and Salary

Candidates who want to become a guidance counselor can find tremendous number of job opportunities in sectors primarily belonging to education like K-12 schools, special colleges and universities, etc. Almost 40% of the candidates in the United States working as guidance counselors have a work experience of 1-4 years. According to the salary estimates conducted by Pay Scale and released through National Salary data, the annual salary of a guidance counselor varies from $26,000 to $71,000 with the median salary being $48,000 per year approximately.

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