Greens Keeper Education and Job Requirements

Greens Keeper Requirements

A greens keeper is the person whose main job is to maintain the golf course. The job can have various levels like arranging pins or flags for the golf tournament, pruning the grass in the golf course, looking for pests and other insects in the golf course, applying insecticide and pesticides on the course. Also the job requires irrigating the course, sprinkling water, mowing as well as maintaining other relevant things in the golf course. The greens keeper education and job requirement are as follows.

Education Requirement

  • Though there is no minimum qualification needed to be a greens keeper but any individual with high school or any other degree will surely have an edge over the others.
  • A diploma in greens keeping will be taken in account and the candidates will be preferred having such diploma.

Job Requirement

  • A physically fit candidate is required to maintain the golf course. Lot of physical labour is required and the person has to move around a lot.
  • The candidate should have an exceptional knowledge about the golf course maintenance and the things that is to be used in the field.
  • He must have the basic knowledge of using the instruments used for mowing and maintenance.
  • The candidate should manage to work both as an individual as well as in a team.
  • The candidate should keep himself updated about the latest innovations and tools used in maintaining the golf course.

With these requirements fulfilled, a candidate can easily excel in his job.

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  1. godfrey mande says:

    i am a ugandan, aproffessional golfer and i want to be come agreen keeper

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