Georgia Tech College Requirements

Georgia College of engineering offers engineering courses to the engineering aspirants. These engineering courses are offered in a variety of streams. To get admission in the Georgia technical college, a candidate is required to satisfy certain pre-requisites.

Requirements for admission in Georgia Tech College:

  • As per the accreditation standards, the minimum age to take admission in Georgia Tech College is 16. Hence candidate must be 16 years of age or above.
  • The candidates are required to complete the GED (General education diploma) or to pass high school from an accredited institution in order to be eligible for admission in the Georgia Tech College.
  • The candidates are required to take the entrance examination for getting admission in the college. The students can take any examination – SAT, ASSET, ACT or COMPASS, and must submit the most recent exam score to get admission. In case the candidate has not given any of these exams, they can also submit the technical school or college course work completed from an accredited institution.
  • The health status of the student is also checked while giving admission to the students. A student must demonstrate physical fitness and ability to perform regular laboratory and class work as required the course for which he /she is enrolled.

Requirements for transfer from another technical institution:

A student, who wants to get transferred from a technical institution to the Georgia Tech College, must demonstrate good standing at the former college, but the students who are unable to show satisfactory progress academically in the first semester of their attendance are dismissed from the Georgia Tech College.

Residency requirements for admission in Georgia Tech College

In state residents

  • To be in-state student, he should be a legal US citizen
  • Or if a candidate is an eligible non US citizen, then he /she must be resident of Georgia for last 12 months before the enrollment in the college.
  • All in-state students are eligible for admission and are given priority over out of state students who have applied for admission in Georgia Tech College.

Out of State residents

  • The students who are legal US citizens and are not a resident of Georgia for last 12 months before the enrollment in the college are Out of State residents.
  • An out of state student is required to satisfy the eligibility criteria, and can only be admitted if the space is available and an In state student is not there to fill up the admission space.

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