Geologist Education Requirements

Geologist education is that which enables an aspiring candidate to learn about the earth and the rocks that compose it. A geologist education must be framed in the correct manner as such a person can be engaged by both private companies as well as government agencies. Geology is a crucial science which has wide ramifications and thus, a geologist must be highly educated as far as formal education is concerned. A geologist must possess a graduate degree at the very least, but most such students prefer to pursue a post graduate and sometimes a doctoral degree for succeeding in this competitive field.

Apart from formal education, an aspiring geologist, especially one who wishes to be connected with governmental agencies, must pass licensing exams conducted by most states of the United States, in order to be a practicing geologist.

Geologist Education Requirements:

  • A geologist must pass high school with commendable marks in Math, Geography and Physics. This will lay the foundation for the intensive coursework in college, and the further strain of postgraduate and doctoral research.
  • An aspirant geologist must then obtain a graduation degree after completing an undergraduate course which will provide him with extensive knowledge about mineralogy, petrology, earth science and mathematics.
  • The student aiming to become a geologist must then pursue a post graduate degree which will lend him with the technical competence needed in geophysics, soil physics and thermal physics. This must be complemented by rigorous fieldwork and internships which will involve practical application of the theoretical modules learnt in courses.
  • The geologist must then either complete a doctoral degree which is a prerequisite in some careers related to the field of geology. However, in all cases, the geologist must pass state entrance exams in order to be recognized and licensed as credible.

Geologist Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A geologist must complete the following degrees and certifications in order to succeed in his field:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Geology
  • Master’s degree in Geology with a specialization in Mineralogy, Paleontology, Petrology.
  • Certification from ASBOG or National Association of State Boards of Geology

Geologist Education Qualifications and Training:

A geologist must be qualified to determine the nature of soil, extract rocks and treat those using scientific means and modern equipment. He must also be qualified in natural disaster aversion [especially with regards to earth related calamities like earthquakes]. All these can be obtained through the correct training which formal education and extensive work experience provides.

Geologist Education Colleges and Universities:

Geologist Education Wages and Salaries:

A geologist may earn anything between 60,000USD to 120,000SUD.

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