Geological Technician Education Requirements

Geological technicians are those individuals who work with geologists, engineers and scientists on various kinds of field work and expeditions and use their training, skills and knowledge in using the geological equipment in researching, studying and finding out new discoveries below the surface of the earth. They are often employed by mining firms to search for metallic ore, gas or oil. Hence they are also sometimes called petroleum technicians.

They need to work both outdoors and indoors, researching in the labs and do fieldwork to get samples. The educational requirements for this job are an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree.

Geological Technician Education Requirements:

  • At the lower level you can study subjects like geography, geology, earth science, math, physics, chemistry etc to get your base in science right
  • You can get an associate’s degree in applied science or a field related to it, while there are some positions which require the employee to have a bachelor’s degree from a university and you can take admission in subjects like geology, geography and geoscience
  • There are many companies which also offer on-the-job training depending on the job duties they have or the kind of equipment that has to be handled and it can last for a few months to up to two years.

Geological Technician Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a geological technician can study any one of the following courses to get the training required in this field:

  • Bachelor of Science in petroleum geology
  • Bachelor of Science in geology
  • Associate Degree in Applied Science

Geological Technician Qualification and Training:

Geological technicians need to develop their math, analytical and science skills. You can also do certain computer classes which will teach you the various software programs and tools you can use in this field. They should work as interns and try to get as much work experience as possible which will aid in the process of gathering and interpreting geological data.

Geological Technician Colleges and Universities:

Geological Technician Wages and Salaries:

A geological technician can be employed in various fields like oil and mining companies, architectural firms or they may assist archeologists. They care paid on an hourly basis and in some places on an annual basis. The average hourly salary for geological technicians is $27 and the average annual salary is $57,080. With experience and qualifications and also depending on the company which has hired you, the annual salary can go up to $97,380.

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