Geological Engineering Education Requirements

Geological Engineers apply engineering techniques and methods to resolve the geological problems. Geological engineering education field is quite vast; it further specializes in various arenas namely, Geotechnics, Hazard investigation and planning, Soil Mechanics, Rock Mechanics, Hydrogeology, Groundwater Engineering, Natural Resources and Civil Design. A Geological Engineer may have knowledge about all the geological arenas mentioned above however, he would be specialized in one of these fields. All these fields aim at finding out the natural as well as man-made hazards that cause a threat to the human civilization. Geological Engineering education teaches the application of engineering techniques to figure out and work on these issues.

Geological Engineering Education Requirements

  • A Geological Engineer is expected to be a graduate with proficiency in the field of Geology. He is expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering.
  • A Master’s degree in Geological Engineering helps in getting good career prospects. It enhances the chances of growing in this field.
  • Special Training sessions are also conducted for Geological Engineers in order to provide them with the actual working environment and the tasks they are expected to handle. Undergoing such training sessions certainly gives an edge over the other candidates seeking this position.
  • One may even pursue a doctoral degree in the subject in order to enhance their knowledge further. Many Geological Engineers opt for a Doctoral Degree.

Geological Engineering Degrees, Courses and Certifications

In order to become a Geological Engineer one must undergo the following courses and degree programs. Certain Certification courses are also listed here which are recommended to grow in this field:

  • High School Diploma with good grades
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Engineering/ Geotechnical Engineering/ Geo-Environmental Engineering/ Groundwater Engineering
  • Master’s Degree in Geological Engineering/ Geotechnical Engineering/ Geo-Environmental Engineering/ Groundwater Engineering

Geological Engineering Qualifications and Training

A  Geological Engineer must attain a degree in Geological Engineering specializing in any of the degree courses including geotechnical engineering, geo-environmental engineering or groundwater engineering. He must have thorough technical knowledge to perform geological engineering tasks. There are various training programs that are specially designed to train the Geological Engineers and attending such programs enhances their knowledge in this field and gives them an edge over the others.

Geological Engineering Colleges and Universities

Geological Engineer Wages and Salary

The average annual salary of a Geological Engineer is around $ 74,000. While an established Geological Engineer may earn up to $ 127,000 and those at entry level may get around $ 45,000 annually.

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