Geographer Education and Job Requirements

Geographer Requirements

A geographer’s tasks involve performing research studies and undertaking projects in the fields of earth sciences and environmental arenas that come mostly within the stream of geography.  One of the priorities also remains in linking the geographical and the demographic facets of a specific region. The geographer generally puts into application the advanced global positioning system for various work related activities. On certain occasions, the geographer also focuses on the historic significance of a region. The task of remote sensing is prominent in many of the projects undertaken by the geographers. He/she works for either a public agency or a private company. The details of education and job requirements for the post are given below.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputed institute in the geography stream with good grades.
  • A master’s degree with at least second class grades from a good institute in geography is highly sought.
  • Certified training in the field-related software packages is highly preferred.

Job requirements:

  • Should have a minimum experience of at least 2 years in the relevant field as a geographer.
  • Must know the analytic approaches to study the various land formation types.
  • Must have ample knowledge to conduct research on the climate, flora and fauna of a region.
  • Should be able to coordinate well with the cartographers in designing a region-map.
  • Must be able to provide with strategic consulting solutions for the purpose of urban planning and development keeping environmental perspectives in the frame.
  • Must be fluent in using modern GIS software.
  • The interested candidates must show good deductive skills.

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