Genetic Engineer Education and Job Requirements

Genetic Engineer Requirements

The post of a genetic engineer is very complex and highly demanding. The person works in a challenging environment and is usually recruited by multinational pharmaceutical companies, public research and development centers and similar authorities. The scope of the job is huge in the fields of biotechnology and medicinal science. A genetic engineer tries to make more advanced plants and animals by using extremely advanced engineering applications. He/she also attempts to produce more effective and cheaper drugs for both common and rare diseases. The details in regards to the education and job requirements of the genetic engineer are written below.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in microbiology/chemistry/genetic engineering/biotechnology with first class honors.
  • A master’s degree in microbiology/chemistry/genetic engineering/biotechnology with first class grades.
  • Certified training in the relevant quantitative software packages of genetic engineering.

Job requirements:

  • The interested candidates must have extensive application based knowledge to perform research on genes of plants and animals.
  • He/she should possess keen interest to study the behavior of different microorganisms.
  • The person must be organized to prepare reports of the projects done.
  • The candidates should exhibit innovative techniques to benefit the agricultural and medicinal research arenas.

The points specified above are sufficient for a concerned authority to recruit the right candidate for the post.



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