General Contractor Education Requirements

As the name suggests, general contractors are the professionals who are responsible for handling and managing the construction, renovation and repair projects. These professionals act as the intermediate link between the builder of the site and the sub-contractors who handle specialized departments. The education for these candidates is not a mandatory requirement and individual with high school diploma are eligible for the job of general contractors. But the major requirement to become a general contractor is work experience in the construction industry.

A general contractor is required to possess the deep understanding and knowledge of each aspect and each department of construction. He should be aware with working practices of the construction, jargons and terminology, usage of various equipment and machineries etc. Another mandatory requirement to become a general contractor is the contractor’s license.

General contractor Education Requirements:

  • A candidate looking forward to pursue his career as general contractor must complete his high school.
  • After high school, candidates can opt for under graduate programs in construction technology or any related stream.
  • To become a general contractor, a candidate must possess experience in construction field and must be learned in construction methodologies & technologies.

General contractor Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A general contractor’s resume must have following degrees, certifications and licenses in order to enhance the suitability of the candidate for the job:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s or Associates degree in construction technology or any other closely related stream.
  • To become a general contractor, a candidate is required to obtain the license to practice the job. This license can be obtained by demonstrating the required experience, by passing the written exam and by fulfilling the other minor prerequisites for the license.

General contractor Qualification and Training:

As mentioned, that there are no stringent and mandatory academic education requirements for the general contractors, so these candidates must acquire the practical exposure through their work experience in the construction field. These candidates are required to possess excellent knowledge about construction methodologies and all the detailing related with it.

The best way to acquire these skills and knowledge is through the work experience, as there aren’t any courses providing simulative practical training for general contractor.

General contractor Colleges and Universities:

General contractor Wages and Salaries:

Since the general contractors are self-employed and are not hired by companies, therefore there are no fixed salary ranges for these contactors. Their earnings depend on the number of projects handled by them.

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