Gas Safety Certificate Requirements

Gas Safety certificate is a certificate issued by the government of the United Kingdom which is mandatory for all rental accommodations in the country with regards to the safety and viability of their gas connections.

This certificate is a direct consequence of the Gas Safety [Installation and Use] Regulations of 1998. This makes it necessary for all gas appliances to be checked every year with the report being embodied in the form of a certificate of safety, one copy of which will be given to the concerned owner of the gas connection and the other copy kept with the authorities.

There are, therefore, many criteria to be met while applying for a gas safety certificate.

Minimum criteria to be met by all gas safety certificate applicants:

  • Pipes, gas appliances and flues must be maintained, and the appliance must be serviced regularly according to the information provided by the manufacturers.
  • A 12 month gas safety check has to be carried out on every single gas appliance maintained by the concerned person. If there are multiple connections under one name, these must be surrendered.
  • The record of the gas safety check must be provided to the tenant within 28 days of the check being completed. The landlord must keep the records for at least two years.

Other requirements to obtain a gas safety certificate:

There are some other requirements that must be met in order to be issued a gas safety certificate. These are as follows:

  • All installation procedures, safety checks and other inspection must be carried out by an engineer or maintenance personnel who is a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • The tenant has to repeat the same procedure if he has his own gas connection. The landlord will be responsible for the pipes and flues but not for the gas appliance itself.

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