Gardener Education and Job Requirements

Gardener Requirements

A gardener as the name suggests is a person who is in charge of a garden. He is in fact responsible for all kinds of duties relating to the garden. Starting from sowing seeds to taking care of the plants health, maintaining the atmosphere of the park or lawn , cutting weeds , watering the plants , removing snow and others. A gardener’s job can be seasonal or full time depending on the type of work he chooses to perform. Most people who wish to pursue this profession seriously can find employment in many private offices or government agencies where horticulture is given special importance

EGardener ducational Requirements

  • Though there is no minimum education qualification required for this job but a candidate with high school degree will be preferred over others.
  • Candidate with some kind of training in horticulture or botany will be preferred
  • Candidate should also have some kind of on the job experience before he can apply for this job

Gardener Job Requirements

  • Applicant should have adequate knowledge about different kinds of fertilizers, soils and other stuffs which can help to make the garden look more beautiful.
  • Applicant should be ready to endure physical labor and work for long hours either in a team or all alone.
  • Applicant should have the ability to listen, learn and follow instructions properly

A  Candidate who wishes to become a gardener should be a nature lover and should have a compassionate attitude towards these non-speaking living objects who demands a lot of care and attention

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