Game Warden Education Requirements

A game warden is a wildlife conversation officer whose job is to protect the wildlife and is also often referred to as wildlife troopers and wildlife officers.  Game wardens are responsible for enforcing laws related to fishing, hunting and animals etc.

There is a wide range of duties and responsibilities which fall in the bag of a game warden and they have the power to arrest those who are causing any kind of harm to the wildlife or animals in general.

In order to become a game warden, a person needs to fulfil certain education and other requirements.  Without having the right knowledge, education and training of this job, an individual will find it difficult to fulfil the responsibilities. The following given information will throw more light on the same.

Game Warden Education Requirements:

A game warden must fulfill the following given educational requirements in order to get the job.

  • High school diploma or high school passing certificate is a compulsory requirement for anyone who wants to be a game warden.
  • Apart from high school education, a person also needs to get atleast 2 years of college education.  Of this, atleast one third of subjects must be related to law enforcement, biological sciences or natural sources.
  • One can also get a bachelor’s degree in wildlife science or environment science to be able to apply for the position of a game warden.

Game warden Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A game warden must obtain or possess the following given degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in environmental science, natural science or biological science.
  • If bachelor’s degree is not possessed, then the candidate must atleast have 2 years of college education in law enforcement, natural science or biological sciences.
  • Another option is to get a bachelor’s degree with 18 credit hours in wildlife or environment science.

Game warden Qualification and Training:

During bachelor’s level education, a candidate has to get 18 hours of experience in environmental science or wildlife and this experience is extremely important for an aspiring game warden. Proper knowledge of law enforcement and ability to patrol are some of the qualities which every game warden must possess. Moreover, he/she must have a lot of stamina, self- defense abilities and presence of mind.

Game warden Colleges and Universities:

Game warden Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary which a game warden can expect to earn is $55670 in the United States.

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