Game Artist Education Requirements

Every gaming company or the gaming industry in general needs game or gaming artists to make a game visually appealing.  Game artists are basically responsible for bringing alive characters through animation and sketching.

They use advanced software to create user interfaces for games and work in close collaboration with game development workers like designing experts, production team and marketing teams.   A game artist can be referred to as a graphic designer with exceptional knowledge and skills to create 3D graphics, characters and environments.

Although no formal education is required to become a game artist but knowledge of software, color theory, scene design, illustrations and level designs etc. is extremely important for a person working at this position. The following is some more information about the educational requirements for a game artist.

Game Artist Education Requirements:

A game artist must obtain the following given list of education qualifications to get a formal job

  • Completing high school education is often considered the most basic requirement for a game artist.
  • Most companies do not demand bachelor’s degree but there are certain undergraduate courses in graphic design or game design etc. which can be fruitful if one is looking for an advanced game artist position.
  • Diploma courses in fine arts, illustrations, game theory, animation, level design and scene design can equip candidates with the required skills and base to become a game artist in a gaming designing company.

 Game artist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A game artist must possess the following given courses, degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma or GED is a compulsory requirement.
  • Diploma course in game design, animation, software or 3D modelling is considered a preferable education qualification.
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic designing or game designing is needed for advanced positions.
  • There are several other diploma or certificate courses lasting for a few months which can be taken up for improving skills.

Game artist Qualification and Training:

Apart from the above mentioned educational requirements, a game artist must have knowledge of Adobe Imaging software like Photoshop, Flash, Maya and Illustrator etc.  Cartooning skills, ActionScript, Web development and FLEX also prove useful for game artists and add to their list of qualifications or skills. Game artists may also need certain level of training before applying for the job position in a company.

Game artist Colleges and Universities

Game artist Wages and Salaries:

On an average, the annual median salary of a game artist is around $61370.

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