Furniture Designer Education Requirements

The furniture designer is one who is responsible for designing various furnitures to be put into varied uses. The designer has to combine comfort, functionality and beauty for best results. There are different kinds of designers depending on the specialty. A furniture designer is generally hired by designer firms and they look for education and experience. The type of work can be either contractual, full-time or freelance.

Furniture Designer Education Requirements

  • In order to establish oneself as furniture designer, he has to go through the complete bachelor degree program. This is related to the industrial designers. One has to have the necessary education in sketching, manufacturing, design and computer aided programs. One can also do internships while pursuing graduation. This helps for entry level jobs.
  • One can opt for engineering degrees that deal with architecture. This essentially deals with examination of different methods, equipment and materials which are needed to create furniture. One can take up a major in furniture design as well. This deals with interior design, furniture design and modeling and designing through computer programs.
  • Master degrees are also available which concentrate on furniture design essentially.
  • Certification courses in business are important. One must understand the way businesses work and how he can use marketing and sale tactics for improving the furniture design business.

Furniture Designer Degrees, Courses and Certification

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial or Commercial Design.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture.
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial or Commercial Design.
  • Certification in Accounting, Business Management, Interior Design.

Furniture Designer Qualifications and Training

Most industrial designers require internships with a manufacturing company. There are internships available for all kinds of skilled furniture designers. There are entry level jobs which offer training while on the job. Educational qualifications are also crucial.

Furniture Designer Colleges and Universities

Furniture Designer Wages and Salaries

The average annual income of a furniture designer is about $45,670.

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