Forensic Scientist Education and Job Requirements

Forensic Scientist Requirements

Forensic Science is regarded as one of the scientific field where scientist gather facts and clue to investigate a matter related to an act of crime. This investigation is primarily laboratory dependent and it’s done using scientific procedures accepted by the state. Students opting for a career in forensic science find employment in law enforcement office and in the detective departments of the government.

Forensic Scientist Educational Requirements:

  • Candidate should have a first class bachelors degree in physics, chemistry, B.Pharma or any other science subjects
  • Candidate should have a master’s degree in forensic science from a reputed institute.
  • Candidates with a previous job experience in the same domain will be given  special consideration

Forensic Scientist Job Requirements:

  • Applicant should have a methodical approach and should pay great deal of attention to small little details, which can give big leads in terms of investigations.
  • Applicant should have strong mental capability, because he will be required to visit scenes of disturbing crime which can be quite unnerving
  • Applicant should have a lot of patience and should pay lot of attention to every small details

Forensic science is an interesting subject and practitioners of this subject should have mental stability and concentration to succeed in this job

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