Forensic Science Technician Education and Job Requirements

Forensic Science Technician Requirements

A Forensic Science Technician helps a Forensic doctor and handles criminal investigation cases. They assist the crime department find out traces, samples, and proofs to convict the criminals. They undertake many kinds of testing in forensic laboratory to finds the facts of the case. They work with the police department, government agencies and other investigation agencies. It is a very technical and specialised job which needs an eye for detail. One considering a career in Forensic Science Technology should be informed of the following education and job requirements.

Education Requirements:

  • Employers need candidates with the right kind of education that automatically leads to becoming a Forensic Science Technician. So choosing the right career path is very important.
  • Candidates can pursue courses in Forensic Science, Criminal Justice, etc after completing their high school.
  • Candidates can also pursue Crime Scene Technical certificate. This only helps to understand how to assess evidence, prepare reports, etc and is not a substitute to a forensic degree.
  • Candidates with knowledge in computers, mathematics, and chemistry are preferred over others.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates should possess the right attitude and should be on their toes to find evidence by medical testing.
  • They should be able to work with medical equipments used in the Forensic Laboratory.
  • Candidates also need to prepare reports summarising the findings, and help the Federal Police to find the culprit.
  • They need to be an expert in areas like fingerprinting, analysing handwriting, etc and may also have to produce evidence in the court.

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