Forensic Psychology Education Requirements

Forensic psychology intermediates between both psychology and the justice system. Forensic psychologists work in civil, criminal and family courts. A forensic psychologist is asked to perform a very specific duty in each individual case, such as determining if a suspect is mentally competent to face charges.

These specialists can help select jurors, evaluate custody cases and determine the competency of criminal offenders. These individuals might be clinical psychologists, school psychologists, neurologists or counselors who utilize psychological expertise to provide testimony, analysis or recommendations in legal or criminal cases.

Forensic Psychology Education Requirements

  • Any candidate qualifying for a forensic psychologist must obtain his/her bachelor’s degree from a graduate school.
  • Some graduate schools require your bachelor’s degree to be in psychology, whereas others prefer only general psychology classes with emphasis in other sciences and mathematics.
  • One must opt for a doctoral degree path that is right for you. The most recognized degree path is first getting a doctorate in clinical psychology, then obtaining post-doctorate forensic specialization.
  • One can combine clinical psychology and forensic specialization into one degree, or attain a doctoral degree in forensic psychology itself.

Forensic Psychology Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a forensic psychologist must possess following degrees and certifications:

  • High School Diploma
  • Associates or bachelor’s degree in Psychology
  • Online graduate degree programs are also available in forensic psychology which consists largely of psychology courses, both in forensics and related fields.
  • A doctorate in clinical psychology followed with a post-doctorate in forensic specialization.
  • After Completing supervised training one must pass the licensing examination for your respective state.
  • After having gained some experience, one must pursue certification with psychological associations after becoming state licensed.

Forensic Psychology Qualification and Training

Along with a pandora of knowledge, internships will help you gain valuable experience. One must apply for internships to places that have a forensics background such as forensic hospitals or correctional facilities. Theyrequire strong detective skills and critical thinking, thorough knowledge of social and cultural issues, legal knowledge, and excellentwritten and oral presentation skills with an ability to maintain composure in stressful circumstances

Foreign Psychologist Colleges and Universities

Foreign Psychologist Wages and Salaries

The salaries for the people working as criminal psychologists can vary depending on where they work and how much experience they have. It is one of the highest paying psychology careers where salary range from$33,900 -$103,000.

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