Forensic Pathologist Education Requirements

A Forensic pathologist is an individual who specializes in the study of diseases in the human body. A Forensic pathologist works closely with people in the judicial circles in order to help arrive at conclusions in cases related to suicides or murders etc.

A Forensic pathologist has many duties to fulfill such as conduct autopsy on the dead bodies to identify cause of death, investigate crime scene for helping resolve mysterious death circumstances, assist people in judicial system with detailed forensic reports after suitable investigation, provide expert opinion in court when called for etc. The details regarding Forensic pathologist education requirements are given below.

Forensic Pathologist Education Requirements

  • The candidate seeking to become a Forensic pathologist should undertake undergraduate program in any field of science to become eligible for further education.
  • A bachelor’s degree in medicine is essential for taking up the position of a Forensic pathologist.
  • After completion of basic education in medicine the candidates are required to take up residency for a period of five years before becoming eligible as a pathologist.

Forensic Pathologist Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The Forensic pathologist has to take up study in some of the related fields of pathology which are explained below:-

  • Undergraduate program in any field of science.
  • Bachelor’s degree in doctor of medicine.
  • Residency of five years in clinical and anatomic pathology.
  • Fellowship in forensic pathology for a period of two years.
  • Obtain certified forensic pathologist certification from The American Board of Pathology.

Forensic Pathologist Qualification and Training

There are certain high levels of skills and commitment that a forensic pathologist is required to possess. The Forensic pathologist should be very energetic person who is dedicated towards the field of analysis at all times. The candidate is also required to possess good communication skills as there is constant interaction with people from all walks of life. Apart from these certain other skills that a Forensic pathologist is required to possess are self-discipline, hard working etc.

The qualification of a Forensic pathologist revolves mostly around clinical trials that involve practical training in mock situations. On account of this clinical training the candidate becomes equipped to handle real life forensic situations with great ease.

Forensic Pathologist Colleges and Universities

Forensic Pathologist Wages and Salaries

The salary of a Forensic pathologist is in the average of $80,000 to $1, 00,000 per annum. The salary can go up to $120,000 with higher qualifications and experience of the candidate.

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