Forensic Nursing Education Requirements

Forensic nursing education involves rigorous training over several years, as the job is a critical one which demands a high level of skill and expertise. Forensic nurses work with trauma patients and examine their wounds in order to determine assault, neglect and willful harm. They also work with law enforcement agencies. A forensic nurse is required to complete an undergraduate course in nursing which will lead to him or her being awarded a gradation degree. This has to be followed by a post graduation degree in Forensic Nursing, which provides specialized skill in trauma care. The forensic nurse must also obtain the usual license which is mandatory for all nurses, as well as a special certification which distinguishes forensic nurses from other kinds of nurses.

A forensic nurse must also be qualified in other aspects of his job like handling the queries of family members, investigative nursing, collaborating with law enforcement agencies and so on. This can be developed only through hands on experience as well as knowledge.

Forensic Nursing Education Requirements:

  • A forensic nurse is required to pass high school with commendable marks in Biology and Math. Participating in medical or healthcare camps as volunteers also enables an aspiring forensic nurse in obtaining licensing more easily.
  • A forensic nurse must then pursue an undergraduate course in nursing which will lead to a graduate degree being awarded. Most nurses require only an associate degree in order to act as registered nurses, but forensic nurses gain more scope with a gradation degree in nursing instead of an associate degree.
  • A forensic nurse will also be educated by the hands on training he will receive on the job.

Forensic Nursing Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A forensic nurse must obtain the following degrees and certifications in order to be successful at his job:

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing [BSN]
  • Master’s degree in Forensic Nursing
  • Certificate from American Nurses Association [ANA]

Forensic Nursing Education Qualifications and Training:

A forensic nurse must be trained in examining critical wounds, dealing with traumatized patients and their family members, conducting investigative nursing and providing post mortem support. They should also make a contribution to general healthcare awareness. This can be obtained through the correct training provided through formal education and hands on experience.

Forensic Nursing Education Colleges and Universities:

Forensic Nursing Education Wages and Salaries:

A forensic nurse earns between 40,000USD to 60,000USD per annum

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