Footwear Designer Education Requirements

The footwear designer is one who knows how the fashion industry works and the trends concerning shoes. He or she needs to design shoes according to the latest demands. One must have an associate degree or a graduate degree in fashion designing. Education and training is important in order to understand the competitive nature of this industry. The footwear designer is one who has to conceptualize the footwear. He has to know about the footwear designs that are already in the market. Sketch designs, patterns and computer aided designs are all part of the construction of a new show. It requires a lot of involvement at every production step. There is also the matter of ensuring comfort for the customers who will wear the concerned footwear.

Footwear designer Educational Requirements

  • Candidates can opt for the two to four year courses in fashion designing. One can take up such programs which are for those who want to develop the craft and skills of shoe designing. He has to go through the fashion design history in order to understand the designing process. There will be courses specifically for footwear design, marketing trends, and related software used for designing as well. Most employers look for educational qualifications that cover these aspects.
  • Master’s degree in advanced footwear design can also be taken up. This also includes training in CAD software where one integrates paper based sketches on a virtual platform.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design.
  • Associate Degree in Footwear Design.
  • Master’s degree in Fashion Design.
  • Certification in CAD software training.

Footwear Designer Degrees, Courses and Certificates:

Footwear Designer Qualification and Training:

The candidate has to go through proper training courses in order to construct designs. There are various production levels that he must undergo in internships and entry level jobs.

Footwear Designer Colleges and Universities

Footwear Designer Wages and Salaries

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the footwear designer gets around $77,980 per annum.

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